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ReWilding Wellness

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Remember who you have not yet become.

We each innately carry potent medicine from ancestors past who once wove Earth’s wisdom into healing tapestries. Modern times have uprooted us from these essential connections . . . with dire consequences. Tamed by social conditioning and expectations, our inner fires have extinguished, leading to insufferable physical, psychological and spiritual illness. 

It’s time to rewild!

What you have forgotten, I am here to help you remember. The true pathway to optimal health is a return to our natural, joyful and generative state of being. As we free ourselves from domestication and reconnect with our innate wisdom and rhythms, our curiosity, passion, and vitality instinctively revive. Self-healing not only becomes possible, but inevitable. Rewilding is the essence of freedom!

Come and gather with like-minded others in a sacred community of support and belonging. You will be gently guided to access your own inner medicine and live with an authentic sense of wild abandon.

Join me around the fire as I share my story...

Since I believe passionately in the healing power of storytellingI’d like to share with you a little bit of my story. I was born with an untamed heart, full of wonder, wanting to run free, and marching to my own drumbeat. While I saw magic everywhere, my gypsy heart was burdened with heaviness due to traumas and responsibilities that no child should have to carry.  

I know now that our life challenges are opportunities for growth, and healing through the light of our wounds is an empowering, transformative journey available to everyone. After decades of suffering with severe anxiety, depression, OCD, addictive behaviors, compromised relationships, and significant physical illnesses, I endured my dark night of the soul and awakened to my purpose: to be a conduit of healing for others through the grace of spirit. 

​Due to my profound life experiences and the effectiveness of the integrative pathway to healing that I put myself on, I don’t view individuals as having problems, symptoms or brokenness. I see beautiful, resilient beings with inner powers to face adversity with confidence, grit, integrity, and poise. I walk alongside my clients of all ages–kids, teens and adults–through their illnesses or struggles, knowing that they represent invitations for personal rebirth and renewal. I love seeing the light return to my clients’ eyes as they unshackle themselves from years of outworn patterns and behaviors, ultimately releasing any dis-ease and returning to their vibrant, authentic nature.

Creating a community for healing and wellness has been my birthright and life’s mission. In this sacred space, I integrate science with soul to bring ancient healing medicine to modern people of all ages and stages. If you’re tired of repeating unhealthy habits and instead feel a calling to evolve your soul, write a new story, and live your fullest expression, I invite you to reach out to me. Until then, I’ll keep the sacred fire stoked and a seat open  for you.  

You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing. You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.

Dr. Kristy Vanacore

ReWilding Wellness

Holistic Psychologist.

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I am honored to help guide, awaken, and expand consciousness for individuals of all ages through personal one-on-one experiences, collective healing experiences, empowering workshops, and immersive retreats. I artfully intertwine a personalized array of enduring ancient traditions with modern scientific paradigms including: 

Dr. Kristy is a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and positivity. She relates to children with patience and warmth, and her practical strategies help them make huge strides.
testimonials, contact. Kristy Vanacore
–A. B., pediatric occupational therapist
I feel stronger, more confident, and am learning to love myself.
testimonials, contact. Kristy Vanacore
–M. Z., 18 college student

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