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A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty

Rewilding invites readers into Kristy’s intimate, raw, and intensely relatable account of metamorphosing from near death and disassociation to resolving complex trauma, awakening to purpose and reclaiming her truth.

Emotionally numb, physically broken, slowly dying from her own pathologies, and deeply conflicted about Western medicine’s detached approach to fixing symptoms, Kristy’s spirit longed to break free. Then she heard an inner calling from an ancient lineage of medicine women who lured her to love her “wild,” let her run free, and blaze her own trail.

Walk with Kristy as she recounts her heroine’s journey into both shadow and light, ultimately resolving lifelong trauma and healing herself through the sacred path of Shamanism and various holistic-artistic modalities. What emerged was the beauty and grace of her feral-foal nature, dancing in the light, singing her truth, and finding peace in ceremonial communion with nature.

Rewilding is for anyone who has been reined back  by dogma, domestication, societal conditioning, trauma, and limiting self-beliefs. Kristy’s story will inspire you to courageously discover your own hidden wisdom, curiosity, joy, passion and authentic gifts within. 

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Divine Remembrances of Lineage, Relations, and Sacred Sites

The full scope of our ancestral legacy extends far beyond blood relations. Learn how the consciousness of ancestors is interwoven through the web of time and space, and how we are the synthesis of all that has ever existed in the universe. Discover who the ancestors are, the legacy we each inherit, our connection to the motherlands, and the importance of sacred sites.

Sit around the sacred fire with Mindahi Bastida and co-authors as they share personal experiences and deep bonds with their ancestry. Listen to the stories of our ancestors, including:

  • a woman who traveled to a foreign land and remembered past lives there.
  • a man who is visited by the “tall ones” with messages to share with others.
  • a father who brought gifts of love and wisdom from spirit.
  • a man who provoked the guardian spirits of the land and learned to respect them.
  • a woman who journeyed to meet the spirit of her ancestor and healed family karma.
  • a mother who received the Divine spark as a remembrance of her duties as a healer.

Walk in reverence and relationship with your ancestors. Understand ancient traditions and learn blessings and ceremonies you can practice today. Discover your identity, both tangibly and intangibly, as matter and spirit. Develop the wisdom to heal ancestral karma and become a guide and counselor for the rising generations.

ANCESTORS reminds us that we are not alone: we are all our relations.

ANCESTORS: Divine Remembrances of Lineage, Relations, and Sacred Sites is part of Common Sentience, an uncommon and bestselling book series that brings the mystical into the mainstream by sharing spiritual wisdom and true, personal stories of the Divine experiences many are having. 

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