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Call of the Wild

Follow the adventures of my life odyssey as a modern-day medicine woman, holistic psychologist, sacred storyteller, wisdom keeper, hockey mom and wanna-be rock band singer/guitarist. Stay connected with kindred others and discover nuggets of spiritual inspiration for your own journey.

Growing up, Missy was my best friend. Missy was my writing journal. I shared all my secrets with Missy and trusted her implicitly. This blog is in honor of her, the power of journaling, and the joy of sharing our stories.

harmonious symphony

Harmonious Symphony

Harmonious Symphony… When we forget our roots as spiritual beings walking a human path, we tend to experience feelings of emptiness as

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Do We Choose Unhappiness?

Reflecting on some convos with clients from yesterday. The question came up — “Dr Kristy, I don’t understand what you mean when

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What are you Creating?

What are you creating with your own magnificent two hands? We are living during a time of “virtual crisis”—spending our time in

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What if I told you that you can gift someone true health and wellness this season? What if you could give a

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There is a reason why our ancestors regularly gathered in ceremony and healed in community. Just look at some of these photos

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Claim your Truth

Most people I encounter on a daily basis are experiencing a similar truth – they feel like they’re at a critical crossroads

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Stop trying to feel better & just feel everything. Stop trying to feel better. Stop trying to get rid of feelings.  Stop

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Stay Calm

Are you relying on tools, tricks, tactics, gimmicks, and gurus to “help you stay calm”? Everything from wine to weed, pills to

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