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Call of the Wild

Follow the adventures of my life odyssey as a modern-day medicine woman, holistic psychologist, sacred storyteller, wisdom keeper, hockey mom and wanna-be rock band singer/guitarist. Stay connected with kindred others and discover nuggets of spiritual inspiration for your own journey.

Growing up, Missy was my best friend. Missy was my writing journal. I shared all my secrets with Missy and trusted her implicitly. This blog is in honor of her, the power of journaling, and the joy of sharing our stories.


There is a reason why our ancestors regularly gathered in ceremony and healed in community. Just look at some of these photos

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Mountain Retreat

Yesterday I had the enormous privilege of being held in the arms of the majestic mountains of the lower Catskills and Shawangunk

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Time to explain… “Why do you keep talkin’ bout retreats?!” “What’s so special about them!?” “What’s the buzz all about?” I’ve been

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Broken Heart

Rewilding Nashville

During a moment of somatic listening during my ReWilding Nashville Retreat, my truth spoke loud and clear. I share my revelations for

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