There is a reason why our ancestors regularly gathered in ceremony and healed in community. Just look at some of these photos and you will understand why….

There is Something absolutely remarkable that happens when you take a group of people and bring them together reminding them of their roots and rekindling their instinctual Wisdom.

Our stories unite us. We are all seeking the same things. And any stories we tell Ourselves about separateness is an illusion. We aren’t better than anyone else and they aren’t better than us.

So many are lost, disconnected, hiding behind their careers and their kids, type A bulldozing through life like bulldogs, terrified to be hurt, yet deeply starving for belonging after years of feeling abandoned, unloved, disregarded, rejected, or generationally oppressed.

We can all relate. We have all been there. I don’t care how much you have evolved. There is always more to explore. ALWAYS.

As long as we are alive in these human bodies, our hearts will need tending.

Healing is personal. But it doesn’t happen in private.

Part of healing is the recognition of the interconnectedness of all beings.

When one thrives, we all thrive.

As long as we try to be in control of ourselves and life while on an independent mission for success, we remain in a state of illusion. We feed the illusion.

It’s been said that when women gather, mountains are moved. Women carry the Heart-centered wisdom necessary for keeping life in balance and in harmony.

Women, when conscious, are open to the divine and the energies of the earth. The building blocks  of all of creation flow through her. It is said that Women possess the threads of life that connect us to each other through all of time.

But women have been domesticated to compete, judge, assume, doubt, terrorize, and bully one another. To take personally everything. To see as a stranger’s face what is actually our own face staring back at us in the mirror.

On retreat we gather, we dare to open ourselves to each other. It takes enormous courage to meet ourselves and each other openly, in truth, and with unconditional acceptance. It can be terrifying.

But we must know that If we want to achieve true intimacy in our lives, it is vital that we cultivate the maturity spiritually, cognitively, and emotionally, to remain present and neutral when discomfort arises as we dare to be exposed. We have to learn how to stay when parts of us scream “run!” In this tribe we learn that we are safe with one another even though we are scared, even as there are perceived differences between us.

Learning how to do this with others—holding space for each other—allows us to dig deeper to discover more of ourselves and to bring those newly reclaimed parts forward into the light. And as that happens, the division between us softens and we move closer and closer to one another until we become one.

When we find the courage to show up, remove our masks and our armor, share our stories, listen to others’ stories, and to hold compassionately all of it, then we can grow. Then we model this for others.

Run away thinking you’re better than, more evolved than, more healed than….and you feed the lies that you have been told about separation. We have been domesticated to forget that we are all connected to one another and to source. Ego prevails when we feel

Better than, or different from. That’s when fear has taken the reigns.

Collective healing experiences are key to unlocking the depths of truth within yourself, each other, and the world. This is the ONLY way to truly lead and to relate to anyone in a heart centered and soul-aligned way. Anything else is a Show with dead actors faking their lines over and over again.

Dare to be exposed. Dare to be real. Dare to be alive.

Dare to remember that we each hold a spark of the original light of creation within us.

Lets light it up, together.

Sisters-we co-created magic this weekend.

I’m Grateful my Soul found each one of yours again. Reunited. And it feels so good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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