Do Less

Grateful that on my ReWilding journey I discovered that one of the most powerful ways to advance spiritually, mentally, physically is by making the time to DO less. To carve out the space for silence and reverence of the magnificent world around me. Its only in stillness that I can truly hear everything worth listening to.

Immersing myself in this magnificent natural world reminds me of who I am and my connection with all that is. As I breathe, I inhale the sights, sounds, tastes, I experience the richness of life all around me, and almost  immediately my inner balance is restored.

By truly listening without the constant barrage of distractions that modern life throws at me, I can find true peace. I can release myself from the domestication of modern life that constantly nags me to do something, to fix, to analyze, to pathologize, to remedy, to move faster, strive harder, climb higher, better myself.

Ironically, when something is amiss, all that is needed is for me to do the opposite. To slow down, do nothing, embrace who I am right now in the present moment during this particular season of my life.

All life is a cycle of seasons. Nothing is linear. Nature shows us all the teachings we need to live this life. And once you know, you know.

Today, in the arms of Mother Earth,  I am reminded of the need to continue to surrender to the death of my identity so I can finally embrace my true essence.

You are not who you think you are.

Read that again.

Life is not what you see on the surface.

Read that again.

Being spiritual is not about transcending humanness.

Read that again.

There is more. Take the time to listen, and you will hear what has been waiting to capture your attention. For it’s only when our consciousness is expanded that we have any chance of successfully learning how to be human. And learning how to be human is the true spiritual journey —-read that again—twice, if not more.

And so it is….

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