Don’t Be Afraid of Your Story

“How could you share so many personal details with the world?”

“Aren’t you ashamed to reveal so much?”

“How could you be so honest about your life?”

“Don’t you feel guilty?”

“Don’t you worry that others who read your story will be angry or upset with you for speaking your truth?”







Sharing my memoir with the world was the most courageous and sensible thing I have ever done.


Yes. It was brave of me to be so raw, honest, and intimate with myself. To traverse the depths of my innermost being—the light and the shadows—to look closely, hiding from nothing, exposing every facet of my being.


Yes. Our stories, our histories, our life experiences have happened FOR us. The wisdom I attained from living them is not mine to keep; It’s mine to share. If I want to change the world, the work begins with me. It’s an inside job. I cannot ask others to go deeper than I have been willing to go myself.

Speaking our truths set us free.

But some are not ready for such freedom. They fear what they do not know.

Some people have criticized me for writing my story. They don’t understand. They can’t understand.

But I am completely ok with living a life that people do not understand or agree with.

I am no longer available for other peoples opinions or judgements.

I am no longer a receptacle for the debris of other peoples destructive ways.

I am no longer mopping up the blood from others’ wounds.

I am no longer choked up in silence just to make others comfortable.

I am no longer exhausting myself with verbally explosive explanations and justifications to gain approval.

I am no longer handing over the authority of my life to other people.

I am only available for authenticity, unconditional love and acceptance, and truth.

There is no space for anything else in my life.

I spend my days holding my own life in my hands like a precious gem, nurturing and loving it and offering it in service of healing to the world. For there is someone out there who I will help through the light of my wounds.

Don’t be afraid of your story.

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