Energy: “Woo-woo, New-Age Nonsense?”

If you’re still one of those people who hears the word energy in relation to health and thinks it’s a “woo-woo” new-agey concept, then you better sit down for this.

This entire “thing” that we know as life is all about energy. How energy flows, forms, and functions is what ultimately manifests as our life experiences. Everything is energy; and living is nothing more than energy in motion. Life itself is a massive coherent and synergistic movement of energy.

Energy is always in motion. Every object that appears as still, is actually moving, vibrating, oscillating, at varying frequencies. Those frequencies become perceptible to our senses. Sensations, emotions, and thoughts are nothing more than streams of energetic information. And what we think we know with our mind, is just a subjective experience and interpretation of a flow of energy.

All of our human biological functions are energetic processes. Metabolic functioning, psychological processing, just to name a few. The body has numerous energetic processes at varying frequencies to work together to create a harmonious, flowing, and self-healing and self-sustaining system. We are completely energetic beings; and Knowing this has the power to expand our consciousness and transform our lives.

If you studied biology, chemistry, or physics 101, then you have heard that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

But, what they likely failed to tell you is that we can direct it, transform it, transmute it, and ultimately manipulate it.

Learning how to attune to, connect with, and direct your energy is vital to be a self-healing being. Understanding how to raise your energetic frequency not only leads to true health, wellness, and vitality of the system, but it contributes to the interconnected energy web of all of life. It’s how we not only help

Ourselves, but how we make the world a better place.

Rewild yourselves-return to your roots to master your own bioenergetics. It’s the only way to true freedom.

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