For the Ladies: Soft & Slow is the New Sexy

Sisters, we have been domesticated to desire badass, boss babe status.

We are taught to Hustle, Achieve, produce, compete, prove our worth, and sacrifice our needs.

Women have become so convinced that pushing through life with masculine brute force is empowering, that they have lost their connection with their innate divine feminine qualities.

?It’s actually in our calm that we are most powerful

?It’s in our grace that we are most impactful

?It’s in our flow that we are most unstoppable

?It’s in our softness that we are most strong

?It’s in our playfulness that we are most productive

?It’s in our natural sensuality that we are most mesmerizing and captivating.

Don’t buy into the conditioning and domestication of womanhood.

✨Loosen your grip.






✨Get quiet.

?It’s ok to go slow.

?It’s ok to stay home and cook and bake.

?It’s ok to nurture the children.

?It’s ok to rest.

?It’s ok to experience self pleasure

?It’s ok to express your wants and needs.

?It’s ok to receive.

?Not only is it ok. It’s necessary.

Remember your roots, reconnect with your witchy instinctual and intuitive ways, and reclaim your innate boundless joy, flowing creativity, ingenuity and curiosity, and innate Medicine.

?✨We are the Medicine women. 

It’s time to surrender. Soft, sensual, slow is the new sexy.

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