harmonious symphony

Harmonious Symphony

Harmonious Symphony

When we forget our roots as spiritual beings walking a human path, we tend to experience feelings of emptiness as a reaction to the natural rhythms of life—most notably illness, death, endings, beginnings, and inevitable changes that defy our expectations. The emptiness is akin to a dark black hole that consumes us; and as we are swallowed and drowning in a deluge of chosen misery, we lose sight and sense of the very essence of who we are. We fear being alone in the darkness because we forget that we are never truly alone.

The reality is that even in those moments of self-created despair, we are missing nothing. Lacking nothing. And quite abundant with everything. We are always complete and full just as we are. We are a part of all that is, without separation. We are all truly one. One beat of the same heart. But we forget.

When we come into this universe, we arrive in the ecosystem of our mothers womb where we are sustained and nourished through an umbilical connection with the body of our mothers. When we make our dissent from that womb and into the world, we maintain an umbilical connection with mother earth that continues to sustain us for the remainder of our time in this human body.

This is evidence of the truth that we have imprinted upon our very essence something that is so indescribable with mere words. And this magical mystical essence is a reminder that we are all infinitely connected to one another, to this world, and to a divine source. But we forget.

Our ancestors taught us that we are to live our lives in rhythm with the harmonic frequencies of all that exists. Being umbilically tethered to a part of a grand universe means that we are part of a collection of individual notes that make up the versus of one beautiful song that is the foundation for everything that exists in a vibrational frequency that emanates and resonates deeply within each and every one of us. Every living thing that exists in this universe, contributes its own rhythm, in it’s own language, that represents its own story, while co-creating a collective universal story.

If being healthy and well means living in harmony with all of creation, then we must be willing time and time again to compassionately and respectfully listen to all of the melodies that are emanating from within and around us. In order to do that, we must be willing to tune in to see past just the physical reality, all of which is only an illusion anyway, and awaken our other senses, to rekindle our connection with the depths of the unseen world that is as real as it gets.

Living in a multi sensory way is what allows us to begin to understand the language of our true selves and every living thing around us. It’s what allows us to be in the woods listening to the preaching of the trees, the songs of the birds, the howling of the wolves. In our every day lives, it’s what allows us to lovingly witness and understand the harmonies of ourselves and the people closest to us, and suddenly, everything and everyone starts to makes a bit more sense. We appreciate the beauty of life’s melodies, and without even realizing it our own bodies begin to dance synchronously.

Remembering our roots as humans is essential for true health and wellness. When we remember that our internal rhythms are inextricably linked with the rhythms of all of creation, our movements in this life become graceful, and without force, thought, or any effort at all we just are an essential part of the perfectly harmoniously choreographed dance of life.

Only when we remember this can we experience internal ease, the capacity to let go when it’s time, move with grace, never take personally anything, respond instead of react, maintain acceptance instead of resistance, allow anger and angst to dissolve, have the courage to tell the truth at all costs, have the discipline to be a free spirit, love ourselves, avoid judgements of self and others, be consistent and focused in our actions and determination, and consistently trust and act from the embodiment of our true selves.

Nature reminds us that it’s never in a rush; it’s us humans who are. For this reason we become anxious, depressed, disappointed, frustrated. We forget who we really are, lose trust in ourselves, and end up creating a prison of fear.

The secret to inner ease and peace is to slow down, get quiet, and graciously allow life to organically unfold trusting in its divinely orchestrated melodies while authentically Contributing to its song. When aligned with universal flow we realize that no other force is needed for creation.

And sometimes the dark hole of “despair” is exactly the place we need to end up in order to start remembering all of these truths once again. As a wise mentor once taught me, life is the dance between remembering and forgetting. And so the dance continues…

The journey of remembering is a journey back to the true self—back to love, one heartbeat at a time.

And so it is….


Dr Kristy


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