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In generations past, healing happened within a safe and supportive community. Join in one or more of the following group offerings, and enjoy connecting in a trusted space with others on this life adventure. In -person collective healing experiences are scheduled weekly. All groups are kept small to ensure comfort, space, safety, and intimacy of the experience. Drop-in experiences are offered, though registration must be made 24 hours in advance.

Workshops are held in-office, virtual, or on location at your school or community center. Homeschool programs are available.

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Current classes: Every Wednesday from 12:45 to 2:15 p.m. in Ridgefield CT. ~ Additional  daytime and evening classes will be added soon.~

  • a safe environment for freedom to explore and create without judgment or restriction.
  • an opportunity to experience and embody the natural rhythm states of the physical and energetic bodies  in order to restore harmony, and experience physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual freedom.
  • balancing the hemispheres of the brain.
  • regulation of the nervous system.
  • enhanced problem-solving, concentration, focus, and flexibility.
  • deeper connection between mind and body.
  • deeper connection with and trust of one’s intuition.
  • release of emotions and trauma that are stuck in the body.
  • breaking patterns of unhealthy behaviors and limiting beliefs that reinforce them.
  • developing the practice of listening and responding to the body.
  • enhanced creative expression and freedom.


This revolutionary  group healing experience of transformational dance weaves elements of ancient ceremony–such as singing, movement, storytelling and silence–with current scientific paradigms. These four universal healing salves become medicine for restoring a sense of awe, wonder, joy and bliss–natural antidotes to depression, anxiety, burnout, inflammation, and chronic physical health issues. Animate your spirit as Kristy guides you through her innovative and exhilarating fusion of movement influenced by modalities like Therapeutic Dance, Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA), Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Technique, Authentic Movement, yoga, martial arts, modern and jazz dance, 5 Rhythms, and other ecstatic dance programs. Find your way back to your wild, ecstatic, instinctual self, as your soul will remember its dance. Get ready to creatively express yourself in a sacred circle of women who are also showing up to ignite their wild and resuscitate their souls. No dance experience required; all you need is an open mind and ready heart.


Influenced by Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, this ceremonial gathering of women provides a safe, relational container that supports moms and caregivers. All generations are represented, from teen babysitters and young moms to sandwich generation mothers, grandparents and elders. Our wolfpack incorporates aspects of the conscious parenting movement, which teaches that the healing and rebirthing of parents supports childrens’ capacity to thrive. Join in as we explore and practice graceful movement, creative expression, dharma talks, mantra and song, sacred drumming, storytelling and ancient wisdom traditions. These practices will support you in releasing stored up emotions, limiting beliefs and traumas, and igniting your power and purpose. As Clarissa writes, “A healthy woman is much like a wolf: robust, chock-full, strong life force, life-giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving . . . relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength.” Come howl in joy with us!  

Learn how to:

  • create sacred ceremony and ritual to support growth and connection.
  • allow caretaking to lead to awakening and rebirth.
  • use five ancient hacks for caretaking in the modern world.
  • reconnect with your body and intuition to find joy, bliss, and love.
  • identify five “poisons” that interfere with healthy relationships with self and others.
  • take yoga and meditation practice “off the mat.”
  • practice five steps to healthy communication and connection.
  • approach life with greater grace and ease.
Dr. Kristy’s Sacred Women’s Wolfpack is a unique and exceptional experience. It made me think, opened my eyes and heart, and filled me with positivity and a new perspective.
testimonials, contact. Kristy Vanacore
–B. P., accountant and mother of 2


  • boosts the immune system.

  • increases the production of “feel good” endorphins.

  • promotes physical healing.

  • helps to control pain.

  • moves us through grief.

  • encourages the release of inner trauma through physical movement and meditative rhythms. 


It is said that the drum is Great Spirit’s favorite instrument. For millennia in almost every culture on record, women can be found as drummer-priestesses who possessed the medicine of connecting to the divine through rhythm. Modern science now knows what  ancient wisdom has taught us—that sound, vibration, and rhythmic practices have profound health benefits.

Ladies, call forth your inner medicine woman, reinvigorate your life force, and dance to the beat of your own drum! Drum circles for families, men and children are also available.


In this ancient sound healing ceremony, simply relax in corpse pose (savasana) while the ambient sounds of healing musical instruments (Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, harps, chimes, drums, and more) wash over you. As you are bathed in sound waves, shamanic reiki practices are layered into the experience to facilitate the movement and release of unwanted energies, while soothing the physical and energetic bodies to restore a natural state of harmony. Benefits include:

  • nervous system balance.
  • reduction in anxiety and worry.
  • improved mood and mental clarity.
  • increased relaxation.
  • expanded awareness. 
  • access to inner voice and vision. 
  • reduction or elimination of physical pain.
  • physical healing.

Classes are geared specifically for kids ages 7 to 10, tweens ages 11 to 13, and teens ages 14 to 18. Children and teens will learn:  

  • Essential life skills for thriving in today’s world.
  • Practices for developing confidence, a connection with their soul, the ability to express their authentic voice, problem solving, resiliency, balance, flexibility, assertiveness, self-advocacy, healthy body image, self-care, mindfulness skills, emotional intelligence, social skills, and so much more.
  • Healthy relationship, leadership and communication skills, including setting boundaries, and shifting from prioritizing being liked and polite to being authentic and respectfully truthful.
  • The inner workings of the mind-body connection as it relates to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 
  • Nervous system capacity and regulation, which fosters inner resilience rooted in compassion, strong emotional intelligence, and a connection to spirit and intuition. 


These personal development small groups fuse ancient wisdom with modern science to empower girls and boys ages 7 to 18 to be:

  • S: steady and strong in mind, body and spirit.
  • O: open to new experiences, abundance and flow, and to sharing and receiving love and trust.
  • A: aware and awake to consciously participate with life, to grow in self-awareness while connected with the world around them.
  • R: resilient and ready with grit to take on the many challenges of today’s society and lifestyle.


These workshops focus on helping young females take charge of their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, while discovering the beautiful hidden jewels inside of them. Girls are provided with crucial guidance needed to navigate puberty, adolescence, and young adulthood with joy, strength, and pride.

In a safe and nurturing environment, your daughter will learn to:

  • claim her self-worth and confidence.
  • tune into her inner compass, which is her deepest truest self.
  • make friends, and be a good friend.
  • understand, honor, and care for her changing body.
  • speak her truth . . . and so much more. 
The SOAR Teen Girl’s Group has meant everything to me. I was a different person when I started: scared, unsure and feeling worthless. I can't believe the confident person I am today! I'm accepting of and loving towards myself. The group taught me about my inner gifts, my heart, my spirit, so many parts that I didn't know existed. I can’t thank Coach Kristy enough for everything.
testimonials, contact. Kristy Vanacore
–R. W., 16, high school student

Rewilding Retreats

It’s time to run unbridled with like-minded other women in your full glory! These one-of-a-kind retreats allow participants to indulge in a half-day, full-day, weekend or week-long period to rest, recharge, reflect and recalibrate. Gift yourself with an immersive deep dive into yourself for expansion, growth, and transformation. As a sacred collective, we will venture out of our comfort zones while in the safety of our shared container, and take vision quests and magical, adventurous journeys together.

Upcoming destinations include:

  • Maine, Tennessee, and New York’s Catskill Mountains
  • Half-day and mini retreats in Ridgefield, CT or at your location

ReWilding Autumn Retreat in Ridgefield, CT

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