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What is Rewilded Wellness and what does Medusa have to do with it?

Sadly, what has become of the modern day mental health system is grossly outdated, ineffective, and just plain wrong. The field of healthcare and medicine have become so far removed from their roots that we are left with a “sick care” system that creates delineation within a naturally integrated body, disenfranchises people who are naturally self-healers, and leaves people dependent on pills and seeking practitioners when they naturally have the source of all they need within themselves. And the consequences of this broken system have been deadly for far too many.

After decades of witnessing this atrocious system and how it not only didn’t work, but further debilitated clients including myself, I decided to make a change. A BIG one.

It was time to unlearn all that I had been conditioned to buy in to. I realized that I had been domesticated into a system that was actually hurting not healing. I was indoctrinated with dogma that kept people sick, disconnected, and enslaved. I was trained with blinders on; and It was time to remove the blinders, see the cage I was in, and break free to return to the wild.

I ventured away from all that I had been taught and with fresh new lenses I explored human biology, physics, psychology, integrative medicine, functional nutrition, anthropology, and  ecology; I studied the origins of all of these fields. And what I discovered was not only astonishing, but it was the key to understanding all of existence, including life in this human body!

Though at first it was overwhelming to see what previously had been veiled from my consciousness—-a system that like Medusa had once been deceptively beautiful now revealed to be hideously ugly—-I finally saw possibilities that invigorated me!

And when I started to apply what I learned in my own life, things changed dramatically. I healed from chronic autoimmune disease, debilitating depression, and paralyzing anxiety. I went from sick, starving, stifled, and suicidal to healthy, free, and excited to live and thrive. I could SOAR!

So did my clients. What they once saw as illness and pathology was now seen through different lenses. And Witnessing dramatic growth in people who entrusted me with their care catalyzed me to initiate a movement.

It was time to overthrow the system. To turn it on its head. To return it to its roots. To break the chains of domestication and indoctrination. To protect myself and others from outside forces. To stand in my power embodying the vision and purpose that was granted to me in this life. To show each and every being the way to the  magnificent beauty of their own being.

That’s when ReWilding for Wellness was born.

In mythology Medusa gets a bad wrap, but if you understand her and look beyond what meets the eye, she is all about strength, relentlessly standing in her power, perseverance, advocating for her beliefs, defying any system that wishes to enslave her, and going all the way. She is a Warrior, a rare breed of rebellious beauty.

If that’s so wrong, I don’t want to be right. ??

Tomorrow I’ll share more about my ReWilding Of psychology and health and wellness, how it has made all the difference for my clients, and how it can help you soar, too.

If this is helpful. Please consider sharing with friends. I need your help to empower my mission and continue to catalyze my movement. Everyone deserves to be well. 

Everyone should soar.

Dr Kristy Vanacore

Rewild for Wellness


?Read my story of how I Rewilded the field of mental health and healed myself.

ReWilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty.

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