Interview with Dr. Kristy Vanacore

Kristy has been an inspiring trailblazer in the field of holistic psychology for two decades. Beloved as a modern-day medicine woman, rewilding mentor, and sacred storyteller, her inventive approach to whole-being healing and wellness blends ancient wisdom with contemporary science and revolutionizes the field of psychology and mental wellness. The result of her work is a restoration of one’s natural state of being through the expression of vibrant health of the body, mind and spirit. Kristy is the author of Rewilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty. Rewilding is the intimately personal and intensely relatable story of Dr. Kristy Vanacore, a suburban hockey mom, wife, and clinical psychologist, who despite appearing to have it all, was slowly, achingly dying from her own pathologies. Mentally brainwashed, physically broken, emotionally numb, and spiritually asleep, Kristy was simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed; a caged horse shackled by fear, siphoned of life force, verging on extinction. Dr. Kristy Vanacore invites you into her raw and honest account of metamorphosing from near death and disassociation to resolving complex trauma, awakening to purpose, reclaiming her truth, and reveling in the sovereignty of her spirit. Her Rewilding journey is an emancipation from the domestication and conditioning of tolerance, distraction, and fear to the empowered freedom of inherent curiosity, passion, instinctual wisdom, and joy. So much more than simply an interesting story, this book is a call to action for readers, to take the wisdom shared from her journey to use as a lantern to light the way for themselves.

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