It Starts with You

Hard at work planning for this week’s retreat. Feeling grateful for all these women who are placing their trust in me and in themselves.

Just got a call from one of the women. At the end of our convo she said “Kristy, nobody has ever made me feel more loved and accepted than you have. I don’t know how you do it, but you do!” 

I replied, “well, it’s easy. I see every being as sacred. And all I do is treat them as such until they remember the sacred in themselves.”

She replied, “can you imagine if every person in the world did that? I wish that everyone was like that!”

I replied, “well, I don’t sit around wishing and hoping. I just do. Be the change. Take action. All it takes is one. Be the one.”

It doesn’t take much to make an impact on others and to change the world. It just takes showing up each moment of this life, authentically, unapologetically, in integrity, with humilty, and with the audacity to see each and every being and each and every moment as sacred. It takes courage, sure, and we forget sometimes, yes, but we have what it takes.

In my mentorship program for aspiring world servers (my invented name for people Who want to help others professionally), I tell my students all the time—-you want to change the world? You want to help take others deeper? You want to make an impact? You want to create a heart centered, soul aligned business, well guess what? It starts with you—with your inner work. Stop investing in the endgame and start investing in the “in-game”.  Take care of your inner landscape, and the entire world benefits.

Create a sacred life. It’s a choice. It’s up to you. All it takes is one.

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