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Revisit Dr. Kristy’s interviews, conversations and discussions about her work, her book, and her outlook on health and wellness. Get off the therapy couch with Dr. Kristy Vanacore. 

Field of Dreams Podcast, hosted by Stephen R. Orefice

Field of Dreams Podcast

 hosted by Stephen R. Orefice LIVE Interviews with Podcast Host, Stephen R. Orefice and some of the most talented entrepreneurs and business leaders in the

Retreat Boss Podcast

hosted by Catherine Kontos!  A show featuring the most transformative retreats around the world. Dr. Kristy sits down with Catherin Kontos to discuss the many

Spiritual Connection Show

hosted by Katie Augustyn Dr. Kristy speaks with  Katie Augustyn about her mission of ReWilding the field of mental health and wellness. Dr. Kristy Vanacore

Going North Podcast

hosted by Dominique Brightmom “Sharing my story is a way of being in service to others because story is medicine.” – Dr. Kristy Vanacore Today’s

Voices of Courage

hosted by Ken D Foster Join Dr Kristy as she discusses ways of weaving ancient wisdom with modern science to empower you to find peace,

The Paula Vail Show

hosted by Paula Vail Dr. Kristy and Paula Vail discuss Rewilding as a way of opening the door to the incredible happiness that resides in

Recent Publications

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