Mountain Retreat

Yesterday I had the enormous privilege of being held in the arms of the majestic mountains of the lower Catskills and Shawangunk mountains regions where in just 3 weeks I will be accompanying a group of incredibly brave women who will venture out on retreat.

I found a spot deep in the magical forest that surrounds the private estate where we will call our sanctuary for 5 days. I was moved to tears feeling the powerful energy of the land; I could feel the vivid presence of ancestors speaking to me and spirit coming through me as I danced amongst nature.

I laid down—skin to skin with Mother Earth, and as I stared up at the sky, I was awestruck as the brilliance of the radiant sun peaking through the treetops took the shape of an angel first, then a massive winged one. They invited me to sing my prayers and invocations, to set my intentions for these women and for myself as their guide for those days.

I felt the curves of my body settle into each crevice of the earth until we become one.

I felt my soul activate and my heart expand.

And spirit move through my vessel as I prayed:

May we arrive with an open mind, a ready heart, and a clear intention.

May we gather together in a circle of love

Disconnecting from the domestication & distraction that keeps us numb, sick, starving, and dissociated

So that we may remember our roots & Rekindle our instincts  so we may reclaim our sovereignty.

May we settle in to the land that becomes a portal through which we can see our life’s vision.

May we meet with clarity our inner strength, our deepest truest selves, and our most powerful inner medicine that the world is awaiting.

May we courageously meet our fears and confront the unknown with trust

That we will discover the truth of who we really are and who we have yet to be.

May we be so willing to let the parts of us die that no longer serve

So we may allow space for the birth of something new;

Trusting that Destruction always precedes creation. 

May we allow the falsities that we have held on to shed and burn away so that we can rise from the ashes in the e truest expression of beauty & love.

May we allow our old lives to die in order to give birth to the one that has been waiting for us.

May we venture to the mountains during these times of change and strife to excavate our voices to sing our prayers and invoke spirit to show us the way. 

May we learn how to dance ecstatically with life.

To discover the magic in the mundane so that each day is lived as though it is sacred.

May we see our very existence as a gift;

And our purpose the reason for this existence in this time and place.

May our communion with nature and its elements solidify our reconnection with our souls and with spirit.

May we hear and honor the voices of our guides coming from each of the directions.

May we come to know ourselves so intimately as that is the only way to truly know our power, purpose, and our path.

May we discover all that has been waiting for us, including our tribe of sisters who begin and end as one.

And so it is….


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