New Book Available for Pre-order!

Friends, I am incredibly honored to be a contributing author in the book: ANCESTORS: Divine Remembrances of Lineage, Relations and Sacred Sites. This book is a part of the Sacred Stories Publishing Series Common Sentience.

This book invites us to ignite the divine remembrances within. The full scope of our ancestral legacy extends far beyond blood relations. Spiritual leader Mindahi Bastida explains how the consciousness of ancestors is interwoven through the web of time and space, and we are the synthesis of all that has ever existed in the universe. Discover who the ancestors are, the legacy we each inherit, our connection to the motherlands, and the importance of sacred sites.

Did you know that it has been said that seeing the magic in the mundane is the key to awakening. For me, the activation of my soul’s past, my connection with lineages that had been forgotten, and my reclamation of my true authentic self, was all catalyzed by nothing more than…. a lump of clay!

Read my story and others in this important book that will connect you with your roots so that you can rise. Pre-order Now!

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