Healthy Starts Here.

Wholeness is the Goal.

We are all spiritual beings walking a human path. Wholeness, joy, and vitality are our birthright. The ancients and our ancestors innately knew this. In our modern world, we have forgotten the sacredness of our natural state of being, which has led to maladies of the body, mind and spirit. I’m here to help you remember.

Each of my personal offerings and collective healing experiences is sacred, as their aim is the restoration of this pure state of wellbeing. My highly personalized approach weaves together proven evidence-based practices with the time-tested wisdom and ceremony of the ages. You will be accompanied on your return to optimal wellness by a compassionate community of others seeking the same, just as our ancestors gathered to share and bring forth their legacy of medicine, words, and self-agency. 

The result is a solid path forward that will continually support you in achieving powerful positive change in your health, relationships, career and life . . . and a rediscovery of the inherent magic, beauty and divinity that is yours to claim and celebrate.

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Gathering in community and tribe-like settings for celebration, ritual, storytelling and healing is wired into our human biology. It’s how we experience belonging, safety and connection to something greater. Our collective healing experiences for clients of all ages intentionally replicate the culture, caring and respect of ancient communal ways. Together, we sing, dance, share stories, make music, and move within and through the wisdom of the spirit just like the lineages before us. Your sacred community of support is waiting. Join us to reclaim the wisdom of the ancestors, remember who you were before the world told you who you should be, and feel the joy.

Private Offerings

Our private and semi-private healing experiences integrate ancient wisdom with modern science to support clients of all ages to thrive. These sessions are an individualized integration of practices such as psychological, cognitive and mindfulness-based therapies, trauma-informed somatic experiencing, nervous system rebalancing and quantum physics, with revered modalities from across the millenia, including Shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, energy medicine, spirit-infused dance and movement, and yogic philosophy and practice. Awaken to greater clarity, ease and peace in your life now.

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