How do we begin the journey of Expanding our consciousness so that we can reclaim our sovereignty as self-healing beings in this human experience?

It begins with getting quiet and orienting ourselves to the present moment.

It’s easy to get swept away by the riptides of the tumultuous seas that we are challenged to navigate every day in these modern times. The louder life gets, the easier it becomes for the noise to drown out our own inner voices, while pulling us further and further out to sea, away from the groundedness of our truth.

If we are to expand in consciousness as a collective, it starts with us. It begins with the choice to acknowledge that there is another way to live. That we don’t have to bulldoze through life at lightening speed. We can make the choice to pause and connect with silence.

This is a hard pill for some to swallow in a culture that values speed and productivity. But it’s the only way to begin the journey.

The easiest way to do this is a process known as Orienting—it involves orienting and directing one’s attention and intention to the present moment. We can do this using the magnificent tools of our 5 senses:

Pause. Get silent. Become aware. Notice what you see. Hear. Taste. Smell. Touch.

Just 5-7 mins of this practice has been proven to:

✨recalibrate the nervous system

✨reduce anxiety

✨move us out of apathy

✨reconnect us with our intuition

✨Pull us out of the future and past, and brings us right into reality which is the present moment.

✨allow us to become less reactive, more intentional, and highly attuned to our fundamental and essential language which is energy

When we intentionally pause, choices present themselves; and We can take back the reigns of our free will to make those choices.

Only in presence are we unfettered and free.

Only in silence can we truly hear.?❤️‍?Silence is a healing salve for a damaged, disconnected, detached, and disempowered existence.

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