There’s something about the space that exists between “no longer..” and “not yet…”

It’s a pregnant pause

It’s a restrictive cocoon

It’s a ticking timebomb

It’s a persistent lotus

On the precipice of something epic

Yet clinging for comfort

In this space

There are no answers

There are no grand revelations

There are no earth shattering insights

There are no clear directions

There are no invitations

There is just silence

There is just uncertainty

There is just a void

Yet it’s pulsating with energy

As There is grief for what is no longer

There is excitement for what is not yet

There is terror for the intersection of both

There is such a tightly wound web of intense emotion

The “in between”…

Having a foot in two worlds

Trusting that one will jump in due time

Ready or not…

Balance will soon be restored.

And this experience, a most human one, of trusting in the only certainty which is uncertainty,

Allowing life to organically unfold

Therein lies the magic of the “in-between”.

And suffering?

No suffering.

That’s not the only choice.

Though if it is, that’s allowed too.

For suffering shows us where we are not yet free.

I embrace it all.

I only know I am going.

Where doesn’t matter.

Surprise me!

I trust myself.

For living in the “in between” just means that I am always ready.

Ready in mind, heart, and soul.

Spirit, Let these feet take me where my heart wants to go

You will leap. All In due time, my child.

I suppose for now the juiciness of the “in between” beckons me to overstay my welcome

I am right where I belong

My heart knows the truth

My feet are ready to follow.

And so it is……

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