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You are already whole. Our work together is to reveal, reconcile and heal anything standing in the way of that authentic state. In our one-on-one time, we will approach any and all dis-ease, condition or illness as an invitation to bring coherence to your body, mind and spirit. In the process, you will discover opportunities for empowerment, self-blossoming, and the utilization of your acquired experiences for your highest good and the good of others and the world.

Talk therapy alone (which activates the left brain) doesn’t heal deep levels of trauma. Neither does mindset coaching. We can’t talk, think or “vision board” our way out of emotional wounds (stored in the right brain). That’s why my ancient-futuristic approach integrates psychology, neuroscience, holistic medicine, somatic therapies, neural repatterning, and Shamanic healing. 

From the Shamanic perspective, all physical illness is an expression of energetic imbalance. Trauma in any form isn’t “what happened to us”; it’s what happened inside of us because of what happened to us. In other words, trauma is residual energy stuck in the connective tissues of the body and the energy blockages wreak havoc on the brain and body, obstructing the flow of life force and paving ground for illnesses to form. 

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My unique approach takes the newer models of psychology back to their ancient roots, integrating the mind, body and spirit. No two sessions are alike. Any combination of the therapies and modalities listed below may be incorporated into your one-on-one sessions with me.

As I am inspired by Source to work my magic, everything is possible! I connect multidimensionally . . . to my intuition, spirit guides, and ancestors, to your energy fields, and to the quantum field. This beautiful alchemy rouses your own self-healing capacities, as well, and supports your transformation every step of the way through unbecoming and re-becoming.

Traditional methodologies are integrated into a personalized trail map leading you back to your magnificent, truest essence. The enduring and evidenced based practices listed below help release unprocessed and unexpressed emotions, regulate and rewire the nervous system, restore balance and flow to the energy system, rewrite outdated and unhealthy patterns and stories, and reframe conditioned limiting beliefs. This leads us back to our inherent state of safety, calm, resiliency, balance, and vitality. 

In this modern age, most of us  are experiencing an “evolutionary mismatch” as the demands of our high-tech lifestyle are at odds with our innate  genetic programming. The human body is designed to live in a harmonious flow with nature’s cycles. Instead, we stay indoors and are sedentary  most of the day. Our sleep is erratic, our food highly processed. We stay up late, staring at our devices in artificial light. It all takes a toll on the nervous system, which isn’t meant to be in perpetual hyperarousal. 

No wonder we feel disoriented, disconnected, devoid of purpose, and sick! 

Thankfully, a multitude of enduring ancient medicine modalities are available to help us realign with our circadian rhythms, release stressors in the body,  and restore our vitality.


Evidence based psychological modalities are an explorations of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, sensations, and subsequent  influence on behaviors and relationships. These techniques help rewrite outdated and unhealthy patterns and stories, and reframe conditioned limiting beliefs. Such practices include:Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Acceptance and commitment therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy. 


Shamanism is the oldest form of medicine known to humankind, and shamans (“one who knows”) were the first doctors and therapists. To this day, shamans serve as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds to foster healing, growth, and guidance.  From the shamanic perspective, all physical illness is an expression of energetic imbalance. Through the practice of journeying,  the individual is guided in exploring aspects of themselves that lead to profound self-discovery, spiritual introspection and a return to balance. Shamanic reiki, a powerful healing modality, may be layered into this experience.


Using light touch or non-touch, healing  energy is directed to the client to activate one’s natural healing processes, enhance relaxation and concentration, improve mood, relieve physical pain, and even help clarify life purpose and direction. When combined with Shamanic reiki, the force of this energy work is even more amplified. Native drumming, rattles, or flute might be added, along with healing crystals, stones and flowers. Sessions sometimes take place outside in nature. 


The ancient philosophy of yoga integrates effortlessly with the revelatory nature of Shamanism. Through a blend of yogic body postures and breathing, meditation and visualization, mantra and chanting, and Shamanic journeys and ceremonies, the client is encouraged to quiet the mind, connect with the body, surrender to sensation, and allow life force energy to flow through the system. In the process, trauma is released and emotions are processed, thereby restoring balance and harmony.


Conscious dance is a roadmap to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual freedom. As Kristy guides you through her innovative and exhilarating fusion movement experience influenced by such modalities as Therapeutic Dance, Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA), Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Technique, Authentic Movement, yoga, martial arts, modern and jazz dance, 5 Rhythms, and other ecstatic dance programs,  you will find your way back to your wild, ecstatic, instinctual self, as your soul will remember its dance. Through dance-like movements and physical expressions, a deep shift occurs on the psycho-physical level, causing emotions to be released and unwanted patterns of belief, behavior, and conditioning to dissolve. Otherwise ignored parts of the physical and energetic bodies come alive, contracted muscles become flexible again, and stuck energy starts to flow freely, leading to ease, joy and improved overall health and wellness. Find your blissful groove as you connect with the infectious heartbeat of live accompaniment. 

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These healing modalities incorporate the mind, body, and spirit to address psychological, emotional, and physical issues through the connection of mind and body. With the awareness that “the issues are in the tissues,”, the focus is on releasing how the physical body holds onto stress, tension, and trauma.


This non-invasive, hands-on healing modality focuses on the rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluid that  pulse through the body.  As the tissues of the body unwind, points of trauma being held on a cellular level are identified and gently released. This helps identify root cause issues, break unhealthy patterns, and restore balance and improved functioning of the central nervous system.  


The power of sound frequency and the human voice for healing has been known for millennia. Through music with healing frequencies, vocal expression, drumming, chanting, prayers and mantra, “medicine songs” have been a part of communication with the spirit world and our ancestors in indigenous cultures worldwide. Raising the voice in song activates a parasympathetic response in the autonomic nervous system, inducing feelings of relaxation, wellbeing and joy.

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