Reclaim Your Wild as Self-sustaining & Self-Healing Beings

Desire control of your own life? Or do you prefer to remain enslaved by systems built to keep you sick, starving, and stifled?

Master your bioenergetics! Reclaim your innate capacity for attention, presence, and free will.

Our most precious assets as humans are that of attention and choice. And sadly, both are being threatened right now. 

In these modern times, there are so many outside influences and systems—political, educational, medical, economic, just to name a few—that are working really hard to keep us distracted so that we can collectively be controlled and manipulated.

One of the ways this is done is through massive influxes of information being spewed at us at lightening speed, and delivered by way of such tactics as fear mongering, conflicting data and information, and hypnotic-like propaganda that all serves to keep us overwhelmed, distracted, and scared.

When that happens, our already fragile nervous systems become even more disregulated, and we become more disconnected from ourselves, which causes us to feel desperate to “cope”—-creating an even greater dependency on outside systems such as pharmaceuticals and media, which only exacerbates the problem!

We are desperate for answers, comfort, and pleasure, and these systems coerce us into believing that we will get it. But In the long run, we remain starving, sick, siphoned of life force, and in solitude.

These systems capitalize on us being a collective that is distracted, disconnected, and in fear. If we continue to live chronically absent, then we lose all ability to exercise our innate capacity for free will and choice.

The antidote to this, and the only way to reclaim our inherent sovereignty, is to become so fiercely present (instead of absent), and to learn to focus our attention (instead of chronic distraction).

Paying attention to the present moment is vital for us to become conscious consumers of all that we are faced with each and every day. The alternative is that we become helpless, disenfranchised, passive bystanders who are victims of the system. We also become slaves to our own biology such that we are not in control of our own feelings, emotions, or behaviors. We become highly reactive, out of control Beings. Feral instead of wild.

Instead, to be truly sovereign beings connected with our truth, it is vital that we pay attention to what we are being fed, question everything, feel into what is and isn’t in alignment with our truth, be so grounded and connected within yourself that you know what your truth is, and and make conscious choices for what to take in and what to rule out. We must be so finely attuned to our own energy and the energy of everything around us (remember, we are nothing more than energy. Everything is energy!)

Refuse to be controlled and manipulated.

Refuse to be coerced and suppressed.

Refuse to be brainwashed and bombarded.

Refuse to buy into the narratives.

Refuse to live in fear.

Take back the reigns.

Learn how to be present.

Learn how to attend.

Learn how to master your own bioenergetics.

Live by the guidance of your own inner compass.

Run Free, Wild One!

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