Regulate Before You Meditate

Meditation is an ancient and enduring practice that has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years as more and more are becoming conscious of just how disconnected and detached we are as a collective.

Meditation does have amazing benefits; however there are instances in which meditation practices are contraindicated and could actually cause more harm than good. Meditation is not always an appropriate antidote for such issues as anxiety.

If your nervous system is disregulated in a state of hyperarousal, and your system is in a flight/flight state, your body is mobilized to take action to either fight off a threat or run from it. In that case, when the body is pumped and ready to roll, if we stop the action, and try to sit in stillness, this creates even more of an alarm in the system. The system thinks “wow she is in Danger but she is still and not moving so she must not be able to be escape!” If we deny the system movement, we are flooded with survival energy that isn’t getting discharged. It then remains stuck causing energetic blockages and further nervous system disregulation. How this manifests: anxiety!

Anxiety is nothing more than survival energy that is stuck in the body. All illness of any kind is caused by energetic imbalances and blockages.

If not careful, meditation can contribute to this.

It is imperative for the nervous system to be in a state of regulation before it can be still and relax. Regulation must come before relaxation.

If you seek guidance, It is critical to work with a practitioner who is well-versed in somatic and energetic practices. But even more important for you, as a self healer, to learn how to master your own bioenergetics. If you know how you work, you can make it work for you. Otherwise, you remain stuck and sick, and have no choice but to outsource your healing to systems set up to fail you.

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