Retreat: An Immersive Experience

Friends, check out my interview on the world renowned Retreat Boss podcast with Catherine Kontos! I’m beyond grateful that my retreats are being acknowledged as the future of health and wellness. Ancient wisdom meets modern science. Our ancestors knew the way.

Get off the therapy couch, free yourself

From pills and programs, empower yourself by emancipating yourself from Domestication, and reclaim your self-healing capacities and your innate joy!

✨ReWilding is the way!

Want to know more?

?Give this episode a listen!

?Read my book: ReWilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty. a 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, or 7 day immersive experience. Your life will change, I promise.

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