Broken Heart

Rewilding Nashville

During a moment of somatic listening during my ReWilding Nashville Retreat, my truth spoke loud and clear. I share my revelations for you and for me:

Open up your heart

See the Truth inside your lies that Now reveal the light.

The fire that you feared May illuminate all revered. The world awaits you

Step in.

Commit to the moment to moment awakenings that require nothing more than attention, authenticity, & an audacious heart.

Can we be brave enough to let go of our endless pursuits for “happiness” for “purpose” for “peace” and simply rejoice in the bliss of pure existence?

Can we relish in the pure heartedness of allowing complete and true emotional expression in any given moment?

Can we courageously set our wild hearts free, as our greatest offering to the world, trusting ourselves as a treasured gift?

Can we trust that we are simply here to love?

Can we trust that we are simply here to connect?

Can we trust that we are simply here to circle the wheel while witnessing the glorious unfolding of every being as it spins?

Can we trust that our stories, though beautiful, do not define us?

They only contextualize our experiences.

Can we trust that though the words of our stories differ, the themes are the same?

Our stories Unite us.

Fear is a one word story; an unnecessarily complex fable of fictional characters and contrived circumstances. We get stuck in its wrath believing it’s a spellbinding plot, only to discover that we have been duped by the skilled artist of our mind.

Love is our true story; like a first-person memoir, a confident confession, a masterful co-creation of our hearts, a beatific prayer whose words miraculously up-level the frequency of all of existence.

Go there. Tell that story. Sing it loudly.

Ritualize love over fear, with your life as your prayer.

I choose to step forward in my power, with both feet, rather than standing back in my fear. There’s no time for trepidation or Hesitation. For I only have now. Allow my sovereign heart to lead the way, as spirit courses through me, trusting that where I’m headed is always right.

“Fly! We got you,” they say.

“Come as you are,” they say.

When they call, I must go. Now. Right now.

Go! This will be the greatest story ever told.

Until the next one….

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