ReWilding Retreat

Birthing the Guru Within

May 18 -22, 2023

Catskill Mountains, NY

ReWilding Retreats are exclusive all-inclusive retreat for women ages 20 and older.

Holistic Psychologist | Author | Visionary

Dr. Kristy Vanacore

Rebirth the guru within.

This powerful retreat will be an epic transformative experience carefully curated to allow you to give birth to the medicine woman within you.

“If women’s needs for identity, for self esteem, for achievement, and finally for expression of her unique human individuality are not recognized by herself or others in our culture, she is forced to seek identity and self esteem in the only channels open to her——the pursuit of sexual & relational fulfillment, motherhood, and possession of material things. And when chained to these pursuits, she is stunted at a lower level of living, blocked from the realization of her higher needs”.

This reclamation of higher level needs & the emancipation from domestication of materialism, dependency, fear, tolerance, apathy, is exactly what we are working towards with ReWilding!
When we remember our roots, and rekindle our instinctual wisdom, we reconnect with our true selves through the reclamation of our sovereignty. Our sovereignty is the freedom to be the divinely feminine beings we are, imbued with wisdom, intuition, and potent innate medicine. A true medicine woman.
It’s time to rebirth the guru within.
When we deny our gifts, all of humanity suffers.
Ready to start the journey?
Join me in the Catskills this spring for an immersive experience in birthing your inner medicine woman.

Prepare to
Strip Naked

Stop depending on experts, workbooks, pills, plants, practitioners, TicToc, and IG influencers.

Stop placing “gurus” on pedestals and learn how to bow down at the feet of the guru within you.

Stop outsourcing your healthcare to others.

Stop seeking outside what you are meant to source from within.

Stop allowing fear, insecurity, shame, guilt, doubt, imposter syndrome, and old wounds and patterns from derailing you, stopping you in your tracks, and keeping you sick and stuck.

Stop the endless cycles of confusion, analysis paralysis, and overthinking.

Stop believing you’re getting it wrong, not doing enough, failing to thrive, or taking up too much space.

Stop the “spiritual seeking” and just be—the real spiritual journey is living your human path.

Stop falling for the gimmicks and pseudo-spiritual ceremonies claiming to offer you ecstatic experiences, other-worldly states, and expanded consciousness. You don’t need anything other than yourself to accomplish this!

Stop plastering motivation quotes all over your social media wall…

……and start EMBODYING them instead!

Be the woman you were meant to be!

Put down the books and programs!

Get out of your illusory comfort zone, step up your game, and start thriving!

Take back your power and remember your own potent inner medicine.

Forget the pretty card decks——

You possess the oracle within you.

The Oracle IS YOU!

It’s time to claim it!!!


Trust yourself, honor yourself, give birth to your life’s vision.

Be the divine feminine expression as the woman, mom, friend, entrepreneur, world server, you know you came here to be. All of you is available to you.

That voice inside you that tells you that there is more for you—-


Past Retreat Sisters Speak!

"Dr. Kristy's retreat has been incredibly enlightening, healing, loving, and so much more that transcends words. There are no words. She is a gifted spiritual guide who truly 'gets it.' I wish the whole world could listen as she speaks."
"What I found on this retreat cannot be put into words. All I know is that I have transformed. I went in feeling broken and came out whole, knowing that I can take on the world! 'Thank you' just isn't enough."
"My experience at Dr. Kristy's rewilding retreat was nothing short of transformational for me! Words cannot do justice to the many blessings that Dr. Kristy imparts to newly forever friends and sisters. She is so fully committed to her craft, and she offers her life experiences and training as a light to lead us on our journeys. She is a real gift. Real is the operative wor; as is community and sisterhood. No matter what happens next, I know that I am ready to share my gifts with the world. Dr. Kristy is a wise woman who has moved in many lifetimes as a teacher. A true chosen one. And this retreat has changed my life."
"This retreat was truly life-changing in every way. Everything from the ceremonies, workshops, accommodations, food, generous gifts, structured and unstructured tine, amenities, it was all perfect in every way and incredibly well-thought out with love. All of Dr. Kristy's teachings cwome straight from her heart and her deep connection with spirit that is so palpable and contagious. She inspired me to embody the wisdom of who I am. This experience supported me in releasing my fears, and reclaiming freedom. I found my vitality! I found my joy!"
Free your mind, express your voice, move your body, & reignite your soul

We will gather in the Catskill Mountains in a stunning villa on a private 65-acre estate nestled within 300 acres of magical forest!!

Estate Amenities include heated pool, sauna, massage therapy, private chef and nutritionist, 5-star luxurious accommodations, hiking trails, nature galore, and so much more.

We will gather in an authentic indigenous-inspired ceremony to unlearn, learn, explore, create, move, connect with nature, share, shake, shimmy, and shine!

Learn ancient and enduring practices along with modern scientific modalities to reconnect you with your inner guru. Innovative, evidenced based modalities including bio energetics, somatic healing, vocal resonance, energy medicine, nervous system regulation, yoga, conscious dance and movement, hiking, massage therapy, fire ceremonies, drumming circles, and so much more!

Release fear and other poisons of the mind that block you from your gifts. Free your mind, express your voice, move your body, and reignite your soul, all in the safety of a tribe!

The world is waiting for you to birth the guru within.

This beautiful offering is for any woman ages 20 and up! Last retreat we had women ages 19-82!

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Arrival: Thursday 5/18 4pm

Departure: Monday 5/22 12pm

Private and shared rooms available. Private Bathrooms.

To Register: Call/Text at 914-497-8006 or email Dr. Kristy directly at for a personal welcome, itinerary details, and prime room reservations.

Limited to 20 Participants

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