I’m blessed to have mentored hundreds of beautiful souls through the light of their wounds over the past 20+ years. Read what they have to say about their inspired moments of magic in our work together.

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Dr. Kristy Vanacore Testimonials

Kristy’s ReWilding Retreat was incredible! Gathering in community and being surrounded by so much love and powerful healing energy was amazing. The labyrinth, sound bath, drumming circles, weaving, feasts, hikes, and fireside talks were all so magical. Kristy guided us in reconnecting with the wisdom of our elders, nature, and our own intuition. I see my entire life differently now. I am a different woman! My husband and children have noticed this truer version of me.

–J. C., 39, mother of two

I am so thankful that I took a chance and participated in the ReWilding Retreat. Coming together in community with women, sharing experiences, learning about our natural ways and rhythms, reconnecting with the practices of our ancestors, all under the guidance and safety of Dr. Kristy, was so powerful. Dr. Kristy is a wonderful soul full of knowledge to give and humble enough to experience healing with the group. My favorite moments were the sound bath and reiki immersion, the drumming circle, and hiking and nature experiences. I felt the healing so deeply , and I discovered the clarity and courage to make a crucial business decision. So much transformation happened in one weekend!

–N. K., 37, entrepreneur 

Dr. Kristy has been a powerful influence on my life and that of my entire family. I reached out to her for help with my daughter, but she immediately recognized my needs and how my own healing would benefit my family. Prior to meeting Kristy, I was in talk therapy for six years and got nowhere. I felt worse about myself, my career was compromised, and my relationship with my daughter suffered. Dr. Kristy’s holistic approach was drastically different and allowed me to finally break through and release trauma. Now, I’m a better father and my job performance has improved. I now have a daily personal wellness practice that includes somatic practices to regulate my nervous system. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I have learned so much! Dr. Kristy is a truly wise  teacher, gifted holistic psychologist, and a loving soul for whom I am thankful.  

–J. J., architect and civil engineer 

When Dr. Kristy  asked me to join her Medicine Dance, my first reaction was that it would make me feel awkward, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. She lovingly persisted in asking me to give it a try. Wow! It is magic! Imagine that your wounds, traumas, and limiting beliefs about yourself have encased you in armor. Now imagine bringing awareness to the parts of your body that are holding onto this armor. You start to move with intention, with purpose, and this armor cracks and dissolves into sweat, release and, eventually, joy. The entire time you are being guided by an amazing teacher and surrounded by sisters who are cracking through their armor just like you. Every class is transformative in this way!

–M. M., yoga teacher and mother of 2

There is nothing quite like Kristy’s dynamic Sacred Women’s Wolfpack group. She brings her abundant knowledge of spiritual traditions and academic background forward in an engaging way, with care, compassion and humor. Kristy took extra time to answer our questions and share strategies around challenging parenting issues. Go to one of her groups. You won’t regret it!

–M. C., stay-at-home/homeschooling mother of 3 

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A couple of meetings with Dr. Kristy opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing myself and my life. Up until meeting her, I’d spent my life feeling sorry for myself, being terrified, stuck, and blaming my anxiety, depression and frustration on everyone else. Dr. Kristy taught me movement practices, craniosacral work, and shamanic journeying that changed my life. To think that I spent 10 years in talk therapy rehashing the same stories, without making any progress is frustrating, but hitting rock bottom enabled me to find Dr. Kristy.  She gave me my life back.

–G. F., 48, teacher and mother of 2

​​ I would not be the person I am today without Kristy guiding me in fully embodying the best version of myself. Not only is she the most kind, compassionate, warm, empathetic person, but she lives by the practices she preaches. Prior to working with Kristy, I had been struggling with my mental health. She introduced me to a holistic treatment approach and coping strategies, and taught me how to integrate all of these tools into my daily routine. Kristy has truly changed my life. I can’t imagine my life without her

–M. S., 22, college student

Dr. Vanacore has changed our lives for the better in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Our family was struggling as a result of the dysregulation my daughter was experiencing with sensory processing disorder. It felt like we needed a miracle to get back on track. Dr. Vanacore helped my husband and me bring stability back to our household, while also guiding us through the processes of handling her school, medical and educational testing, other therapies and doctors. She helped us identify the right professionals to consult with, interpret their results, and implement them in our lives. Today our daughter is exceeding expectations in all areas of school and life and is thriving!

–E. C., 41, special education teacher and mom of two

The Mindful Parenting for the Everyday Parent mini-retreat was a great investment of time and money. I applied what Dr. Kristy taught us to every area of my life, including relationships, career and self-development. I feel happier, more aware, and in control of what’s happening in my life.

—L. S., special education teacher and mother of 3

“Kristy’s weekend retreat was a powerhouse of energy, love, and connection. Everything was so well thought out, and everyone felt the abundance of love and energy that was put into planning the activities. I never would have believed that my life could change in such a short time. I left a different person! My husband noticed a difference in me immediately! Kristy’s words, teachings, and guidance continue to resonate so strongly. The magic of that weekend lives on.”

-A.Z., 44, Mom of three, and sales & marketing executive

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