What do ReWilded adults and kids look like?

?Kids who once couldn’t focus or concentrate and had been given a life sentence of special education and cocktails of pharmaceuticals could now thrive in school free of pills and interventions. Some even went on to become valedictorian, captains of their sports teams, and earned acceptance into prestigious universities. All were happy, confident, resilient kids ready for the real world, and excitedly playful at every age and stage!

?Adults who once were so anxious and depressed and had been unable to function and were resigned to end their lives could now get off the couch, find a job, connect with a passion, establish healthy social relationships, feel safe when alone, and experience joy. They were no longer paralyzed by their emotions or life circumstances. They found joy!

?Adults who were feeling lost, uncertain about their purpose, insecure, starving for more, stifled by responsibilities, now found clarity, vision, purpose, and freedom!

?Parents who once felt intimidated by their own kids, felt like failures, felt devoid of their own identities, were highly reactive, and easily triggered, could now understand their kids, confidently navigate conflicts, support their child’s emotional health, support their own wellness, procure strong bonds with their children, and create harmony within their homes. Laughter was abundant again!

?Corporate guys who once couldn’t make it through a day without another vice could now experience mental clarity, drive, trust, and success. They could generate ideas created from their heart-centered and soul-aligned mission, stand in their authentic power, while simultaneously tending to their health and wellness, as their inner wounds and imbalances were addressed and healed. Inner peace and strength were reclaimed!

?Wellness practitioners such as physicians, psychologists, social workers, yogi’s, and life coaches who once were conditioned auto-bots treating patients and clients with scripts and one-size-fits-all programming all while avoiding their own inner work and wondering why they couldn’t help their clients get well or why they couldn’t grow a sustainable practice, Were now not only proudly witnessing their clients’ wellness, but they were experiencing their own personal transformations. They saw firsthand that helping anyone else begins with helping oneself first. You can’t take anyone deeper than you’re willing to go yourself. Leading with authenticity became easy!

❣️In all these stories, everyday people like you and me were guided on a journey to remember their roots, rekindle their instinctual and intuitive wisdom, and reclaim their innate freedoms of curiosity, creativity, passion, purpose, courage, potent self-healing capacities, radical Authenticity, and boundless joy!

They took a leap of faith!

I did too.

❣️ReWilding was my own resuscitation;

And with my true self oxygenated, I could authentically offer so much to my children, my clients, and the world.

?ReWilding is our legacy for all who come after us.

?Are you ready to embody your wild?

?Need some inspo?

Read my story of how I rewilded myself:

ReWilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty.

? Sally Ann Prisco photographyThis is still my FAVE photo shoot of my kids and one of my fave shots. Still so grateful to you, Sally, for capturing the essence of these boys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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