Wisdom in Nature

For the past 5 days straight I have had up close &

personal encounters with animals: deer, bear, snake, otter, hawk, frog, rabbit.

This is NOT surprising, considering that I have been completely immersed in the final stages of preparation and planning for my upcoming ReWilding retreat. I am deeply honored to be a guide for 16 women as they endeavor on a quest to reclaim their truth, freedom, and their boundless joy.

So much of our work will center around the teachings of the medicine wheel —- the “sacred hoop”, the symbol for health, values, life cycles, the directions and their elements and animal gurdians, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the importance of Balance and harmony within the self and in the external World for health and vitality.

These animals represent each of the directions of the wheel.

I didn’t realize that I was beginning to lose my way… until these animals whispered words of wisdom….

As I have been hard at work, I have also been working through some debilitating physical pain that is a manifestation of underlying trauma that is ready to be released. I’ve released some of this in the past. But there was more sequestered within the tissues in my body, and it’s finally ready to go. There have been some days in which the pain was paralyzing and for a woman who loves and lives to move, inertia can feel like death.

But I am being reminded of one of the lessons of the sacred wheel—that we must be willing to die time and time again in order to be reborn. Destruction always precedes creation. It is only through chaos that resonance can come.

Each of these animals arrived right on time, right in front of me so that I couldn’t help but to see them.

Thank you, wise animal guides for showing me the way when I had trouble seeing one for myself. Thank you for helping me remember. I surrender to your teachings, and to the natural cycles of life.

Healing is anything but linear. It’s cyclical. This is my invitation to remember to trust that the wheel keeps on turning. And with every go ‘round, I strip away another layer of domestication and armor, bringing me closer and closer to my truth. Moving along the wheel is the purpose of life, the experiences are the rich curriculum for our soul’s evolution.

And so I shall surrender.

I shall allow my life to be my teacher.

And in my surrender—-ease is being restored.

Afterall pain is just resistance; It’s self created suffering.

I release Control ….and I trust.

And so it is…


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