September 1. The official season of back to school….and back to womanhood.

This has always been an interesting time for me since becoming a mother. It’s the time when I feel both simultaneously happy for my kids to go back to school and also a little sad having gotten used to them being at home with me.

And it’s also the time when I start to remember who I am as a woman without them.

Who I am as a woman without them….

There was a time when I couldn’t say that out loud without enormous guilt. I would feel so ashamed of the countless moments of staring out the window while washing a million dishes in the kitchen sink & thinking, “Is this really all there is?” “Is there anything more for my life than crusty dishes, packing lunches, folding laundry, and chauffeuring like an Uber driver?”

While I loved my boys fiercely and loved being their mom, there were countless moments when I wasn’t sure how I felt about being a mom. And somewhere hidden in places we don’t like to talk about, there was resentment.

As they grew, as summer days dwindled and September arrived, I would find myself increasingly agitated, restless, and starving for something I couldn’t readily identify. And as the kids nervously and excitedly ventured off to a new school year, I would feel this strange sensation inside of me that it was time for a new journey for myself. I felt something brewing and percolating inside of me, as if pregnant with ideas.

I could feel the beckoning of a life that was waiting for me to live it. I could feel the unraveling inside of me, going from tightly wound and fearful, to free and courageous. And the more I connected with my intuition I could hear her guidance like an inner compass telling me which way to go. And the path would appear….

….And one day….I was brave enough to begin my journey.

I learned that in following the direction of my souls longings, it made me a better mother. When my boys see my natural, messy, creative, witchy, and genuine humanness, they recognize they too have permission to be themselves.

I want my children to experience uninhibited joy that comes from the fullness of their souls expression. And I can’t teach them this with words. I must embody it and show them with my actions. They must witness my ReWilding in order to be confident in theirs.

What is percolating within you?

Can you see the path but you’re still waiting for the kids to be grown and flown to start your journey?

Have your kids become your ultimate excuse?

If you make excuses, your kids will make excuses too!

If you live in fear, so will they!

If you hide and play small, so will they!

Kids become what they see!!

There will always be lunches to make, carpools to drive, and socks to pair, for a few more years anyway. But it is possible to do those tasks, be an incredible mom for your kids, and evolve yourself in the process.

When they do eventually launch, where will you be?

Your kids will only grow as much as you grow.

Your kids need to see you living now!

Reclaiming your life’s vision is the greatest gift you can give to them.

Answer the call…

Join me on October 6 in the Catskill Mountains as we rewild together in an incredibly transformative experience that will help you reclaim your vision.

ReWilding Retreat: Reimagining Freedom (Catskills, NY) call me for info 914-467-0570. I have 3 spots open.

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