Grass is Greener Dr. Kristy Vanacore

The Grass is Greener Right Where We Stand

The Grass is Greener…

“Somewhere over the rainbow….”

“Search out over the horizon….”

“The grass is always greener…..”

Ah….the lyrics we sing that emerge from the lowly depths of our self-created lack.

How bout we let go of the incessant drive to be anywhere but here?

How bout we forget about awakening and ascending.

Forget about seeking enlightenment and empowerment.

Stop striving to be that person or profession.

Stop hiding behind credentials and knowledge.

Stop the incessant goal-setting that siphons our life force while propelling us into future maybes.

Stop wanting and needing more.

Stop trying to be more positive.

Stop trying to appear like you have it all together.

It’s all a distraction.

Stop aiming to fit into the antiquated paradigms that you desperately buy into because you choose to avoid change.

Ditch the dogma you’ve been holding on to like a life preserver because you’ve left home without your own inner anchor.

Put down the bottle that you’ve been drowning yourself in because you’ve chosen to be overwhelmed and powerless.

Eliminate the noise of the gurus indoctrinating you with their theories and traditions. Throw away those books and courses they convince you to rely on to teach you how to be something or somebody because you chose to forget what you already know about who you are and why you came in this life.

Lay down the pretty cards that you beg to proclaim your past, present, and future because you chose to deny your own inner Oracle.

Stop waiting for signs to appear in the form of winged ones, four leggeds, or angel numbers because you choose to forget that you are the masterful creator of your own life, that the freedom to choose and call the shots is your superpower, and therefore every moment you take a breath is a “sign”.

Quit foraging as you do for fancy quotations, memes, and GIF’s authored by self-proclaimed experts and plastering them on your social media walls because you forgot how to let your own intuition inspire and guide you. Lose the quotes. And then lose the walls.

When will You realize that it’s all been an illusion?

That it’s all been a distraction?

That in your efforts to “better” yourself, you’ve ostracized yourself.

Stand still. Please.

Stop moving and stand still.

Wherever you are, sense your feet on the ground. Feel the pulsing of the earth rising up into your trunk.

Sense the blood moving through your veins.

Notice the vibration of your energy rattling your bones.

Float in your rhythmic oceanic breaths.

Curiously explore every tension, ease, twitch, and itch that annotate your aliveness.

Attune to the articulations of your heart—-truly attend to the vocal Inflections of its longings, desires, sorrows, fears.

Release control and surrender to the flow of it all In stillness so that the barriers to your own heart have the space and freedom to dissolve, piece by piece.

Completely melt into who you are right now and

Allow that to expand and take up space.

Not who you want to be

Not who you think you should be

Not who you have been told to be

None of those masks suit you.

None of those masks allow YOU to breathe.

When you feel the urge to hide….reveal.

When you feel the urge to run ….be still.

When you feel the urge to quit….sink deeper.

Face and embrace yourself completely.

Lovingly own the falsities; for it is only by knowing who we aren’t that we can discover who we truly are.

Land right here right now in stillness,

It’s the only way to Oxygenate your truth.

You’ve been afraid of your own self.

It’s been you all along.

…..Mic drop.

Choose to move away from fear and into trust.

Marvel with wonder at the grandness that you are right now.

Open to the epic-ness of your every day.

To the truth that you will always be more than is imaginable and less than is fathomable.

Yes we are everything, all at once.

Large and small.

Far and near.

Holy and ordinary.

All the contradictions and juxtapositions.

Yet always a critical part of all that is.

You are the embodiment of the rainbow, the horizon, and the greener grass you once believed grew only on the other side.

And so it is….



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