Claim your Truth

Most people I encounter on a daily basis are experiencing a similar truth – they feel like they’re at a critical crossroads in their lives; a point in which the next step will determine the future of their lives. Collectively, all of humanity seems to be at the same crossroads. Yet most people lament feeling completely paralyzed by fear, unable to clearly determine which direction to turn, and they’re afraid of falling off the edge of this cliff they’re teetering on. They feel lost, completely overwhelmed, and shamefully hopeless.

I remember a time in my life when I felt the same way. When despite seeming to have it “all “I was completely unraveling on the inside. I felt like I was following a flashlight that guided me to examine both my inner landscape and the outer world around me as it illuminated all the dark corners of my existence. And what was being revealed, what I could finally see that I couldn’t before, wasn’t so great. In fact, it was horrifying initially. I felt inundated with terror as I saw all the work that needed to be done—both within myself and in the world around me. And beginning the journey seemed like a daunting task of which I felt unprepared and ill-equipped. Fear consumed me, thoughts spiraled out of control, and I wanted desperately to run and hide.

On my ReWilding journey, through guidance from my incredibly Wise mentors and elders, I found my way back to nature—-a nourishment for which I hadn’t even realized I was starved. Nature is always ready and waiting to provide. In times of stress, nature reminded me that the only way to peace is through chaos; that through dissonance we will always come to resonance once again. Instead of searching through books and workshops by “gurus” I consulted with the trees, plants, animals, the sun and the moon, the water. They are always waiting to show us the way to truth and meaning in every experience and encounter of life.

Opening my eyes to witness the magic all around me, and reverently celebrating my reciprocal relationship with all beings of this earth was pure alchemy for me. These moments solidified the truth that was now so clear: the wild and magical world that my innocent untamed little girl self had once believed in—the one that had been buried under years of civilized domestication, and the one that I’ve been searching for—was real and it had been there the whole time. And little by little I could reclaim my place in it.

My ReWilding journey reminded me that we are all imbued with the guidance that is necessary to choose the right direction when navigating this human existence. We all came into being with a set of instructions that are deeply embedded within us. These essential truths vibrate; every being and every element of this life has its own vibration. And when our vibrations merge, collectively they form the voice of all that is. If we just pause long enough to listen, we can hear this collective voice, and it will surely guide us like a navigation system. And then we can begin to align our actions with the higher purpose of who we came here to be.

For years I would lament that I felt out of place, as though born at the wrong time. I felt like this life was out to get me. That surely I missed out on what was truly meant for me.

And then I remembered. We are not here by accident; and we are not too late, or born at the wrong time. We are right where we belong.  Living this life that our soul signed up for. Our task is simply to reclaim our innate gifts and manifest them in the world by living it every day. We are exactly where we are meant to be.

Living a spiritual or sacred life has nothing to do with learning more dogma, identifying as a ‘master’ or ‘guru’ in this or that  ‘spiritual tradition’, or transcending this world to connect with guides and angelic realms. Living a sacred life is learning to stand with both feet planted in these human body vessels to be the most authentic expression of our humanness. We are here to have a human experience. That is our spiritual path.

Stop waiting for life to give you what you think you deserve or need.

Stop waiting for the “enlightenment” and just live and love.

?That is your healing.

?That is your awakening.

?That is your enlightenment.

?That is your mission.

?That is your purpose.

Claim it.

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