Inner Adventure

I’m back on the grid after 8 days of a personal retreat in the mountains. I offer retreats for clients, but it is vital for me to continue to do my own work, and I was overdue for an inner adventure.

If I want to truly be a guide and bring light to all of humanity, it begins by looking within myself. I must take time away from the hyperkinetic world to experience the quiet that allows me to remember my roots, reconnect with intuition, and reclaim my sovereignty.

Retreating provided endless opportunities to explore the vast interior of the depths of my soul, accessing my own truth, my own inner places of longing and desire, my own moments of anguish and despair, my own grapples with existential contemplations and musings, my own blocks and imbalances, my own hiding places in the shadows, and my own egoic insecurities and fears. And to be so present with all of the discoveries, looking them right in the eye, and adoring them as found precious treasure; as I know the only way to expand, open, evolve, transform is through such monumental exploration and wholehearted acceptance of my truths. And through it all I was held in the strong yet tender embrace of the sacred mountains with whom I share unconditional love endlessly.

It is only in the remembering of my own truth that I can offer a lantern to light the way for others to do the same. For me, this is the essence of being in service to others and the world.

If you take the time for inner exploration, you will see how the domestication of our intense and complex modern times has led you astray from your true wild nature. The distance within will be so obvious; but have no fear, as what will also become clear is the path to return home to yourself. And suddenly you will be imbued with the courage to embark on your quest to not only reclaim your true authentic nature, but to expand becoming greater than you ever could have imagined.

Want to experience the epic transformation of retreat, but don’t yet feel ready to immerse yourself in a larger group experience, send me a message. My schedule is now open for private and semi-private retreat experiences in these beautiful mountains.

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