Vocal Empowerment

?Did you know that the most powerful musical instrument is the human voice?

?Did you know that you can heal the human body of any disease with the voice?

?Did you know that everything in life is vibration?

As a holistic psychologist in my rewilding program, I teach people at all ages and stages how to be self-healers—how to reclaim their own innate self-healing capacities in order to truly thrive in all aspects of life.

As a certified vocal empowerment coach and sound medicine mentor, I guide individuals to find and speak their truth, sing their prayers, reclaim their voice, and to listen mindfully. And the benefits radically shift every aspect of their lives!

All illness is a state of dis-ease in the body caused by energetic imbalance. Humans are nothing more than energy, and sound and vibration are our ultimate languages. And you already know how to speak these languages—you just have to remember.

?The voice is the channel that bridges heart, soul, spirit, sound, and science in order to heal and transform the body in the most profound ways. We can reconnect with emotions as energetic expressions that we have stifled for far too long.

?We can safely and most effectively release the energy that has been stuck and suffocating us, allowing us to be oxygenated and absolved of our secrets and their associated shame.

?Creative channels will open, allowing life force energy to move through you freely and clearly so that you can create the fullest most authentic expression of your being.

?Voice not only about singing. It is about effortlessly expressing all that has been sequestered inside of us, suffocating our life force, starving us of our vision, and stifling our passions.

?We can restore health and vitality to cells, restore harmony to our inner energetic pulse, recover fragmented pieces of ourselves that have been buried, and allow the divine expression of our truth to flow.

?In short, we revitalize ourselves mind, body, and soul.  And the result of our healthy selves is the greatest contribution that we can make to the universe and all who come after us.

❤️I can’t wait to share this offering with a group of AMAZING women who have folllowed the call to retreat with me in the sacred Catskill Mountains.

They will learn the foundations of sound healing, vibrational medicine, and sound metaphysics as we dive in deep to the essence of human healing, connection with others, playfulness of our true selves, and the freedom that comes from authentic unbridled expression.

?You will be blown away by what the medicine of your own voice has to offer you!

?I can’t wait to show you the magnificence of your own being!

ReWilding Retreat: Reimagining Freedom (Catskills, NY)

?: thank you Melissa Robin for capturing this moment when I allowed my voice to move mountains.

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