Let’s Not Forget

This season, Let’s not forget….

?Let’s not forget that sometimes the most “wonderful time of the year” doesn’t always feel that way.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes it’s really hard to find even one thing to be grateful for.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes we are grieving the loss of people, places, and plans that we didn’t even realize had a profound impact on us.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes being around family and friends doesn’t feel safe or good.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes we want to be alone and it’s not personal.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes the holiday season feels too loud and overstimulating. 

?Let’s not forget that sometimes crying is the strongest action we can take.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes sitting in front of a huge meal doesn’t make us feel fulfilled.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes hope feels like a pipe dream.

?Let’s not forget that sometimes home is a place that feels nonexistent.

?Let’s remember that everyone has a story that we often know nothing about.

?Let’s remember that our stories, though they may differ in details, are all woven together by common themes of joy, happiness, sadness, anger, grief, loss, confusion. It’s the universal human condition.

❣️Let’s remember to welcome all feelings and emotions to the table this season.

They’re all beautiful, needed, and loved.

❣️No need to analyze or pathologize. We can let them be what they are, when they are.

It’s just energy.

❣️And let’s remember that instead of shaming others or ourselves, or trying to inject toxic positivity, we can find the courage to allow them to just be who they are and be with whatever we or they are experiencing.

❣️Remember to Find the courage to acknowledge our own stories without condition, so we can respectfully offer others the same. 

❣️Let’s remember that when we look deep into the eyes of another, we will inevitably see parts of ourselves and our own experiences.

As we have entered the holiday season,

?Let’s not forget to truly witness others and ourselves.

?Let’s not forget to say either aloud or to ourselves:

“I have experienced this too.

You are not alone.”

And so it is….

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