Time to explain…

“Why do you keep talkin’ bout retreats?!”

“What’s so special about them!?”

“What’s the buzz all about?”

I’ve been hearing these questions a fair amount lately as I have been promoting my offerings more publicly.

I thought it might be a good idea to clarify a few things:

What Retreats are NOT:

?NOT spa weekends

?NOT pajama parties

?NOT a luxury for the rich

?NOT a frivolous expenditure of time or money

?NOT a girls weekend

?NOT a vacation

?NOT some weird cult experience

What Retreats ARE:

?The future of health and wellness

?Time to unplug from distraction in order to reconnect with self and source

?Enduring and effective healing practices to rebalance mind and body

?Opportunities to gather in community the way nature intended for us humans

?Deep dives into clearing old wounds, limiting narratives, and blocks to health and success

?Natural classrooms for “unlearning” and education

?The most powerful and effective investment in your health, wellness, and business success

?A huge ROI for your life

?A contribution to your legacy for those who come after you

?Heart-warming, joy-inducing, laughter-filled experiences of unconditional love between beings

Retreats have been around for as long as time. In Shamanic cultures, people would leave for vision quests-they would leave their homes, their children, their belongings, and retreat into nature with nothing but the clothes on their backs—not even food or water—in order to clear themselves of all that was in the way of their inner connection with self and with spirit. Dis-ease of any kind is the result of energetic imbalance and disconnection with soul, and the vision quests allowed for balance and reconnection.  Over the time away, one could clearly hear their inner voice, see clearly the visions for their lives, and channel spirit through their now-cleared body vessel.

Like so many other practices, this fell by the wayside in modern times which have devalued connection and replaced it with productivity, monetary success, and external pleasures. Now, I’m not saying that any of this is wrong to desire, but external wealth and success is only Truly possible with inner health.

And the modern approach to healthcare isn’t working at all—well, i guess it depends who you ask. You see, the system works for those powers that be who want us to be dependent on them. They want us to be sick. They want us to be controlled and manipulated. They want us to feed the big money industries that shove pills down our throats and keep us tethered to monthly prescriptions and practitioners. With a society that shows a statistic of 88percent of people chronically Physically and psychologically sick, we should open our eyes and start to ask why.

Even better—start to rewild! Yes REWILD! Emancipate yourself from the domestication of fear, tolerance, apathy, distraction, and chaos, to reclaim your sovereignty as a self-healing being innately imbued with boundless joy, unconditional love, creativity, and vitality.

Unlearn everything you have been told because it’s wrong!

It’s time to open your eyes and see a different way.

It’s time to realize that health, wellness, success, and freedom are already available to you.

My ReWilding Wellness Retreats are the future of health and wellness for every being—women, men, children, and teens. So much so, that they are being recognized worldwide for their transformative power.

Just this week my ReWilding Wellness Retreats have been recognized by the renowned Retreat Boss—a platform that features retreat leaders and their offerings from around the world that are carefully curated to deliver the most transformative experiences to change lives and better the world.

My events —one day, weekend, and weeklong experiences—reflect my vision of merging ancient wisdom with modern science as the future of health and wellness for individuals at all ages and stages. My mission is to empower people as self-healers, to get them off the therapy couch, independent of pill, practitioners, and programs, and sovereignly soaring into their lives. By reconnecting people with their roots, rekindling their instinctual wisdom, and helping them reclaim their inherent joy, creativity, passion, purpose, vision, ingenuity, and self-healing capacities, they can be healthy, well, and free.

?I am ecstatic that my mission is being acknowledged and spread worldwide! So so grateful!

?If you are ready for a change, then take my hand. Let me show you the way back home to yourself.

?I am bursting with excitement to gather with a group of INCREDIBLE women of all ages in just 4 weeks on October 6 (which by the way, is my birthday!!) It will be pure magic and not one of us will return from our vision quest the same as when we left.

?Enjoy some of these photos from a few of my past retreats! You can feel the powerful energy of the sisterhood, the land, and the presence of ancestors and guides. Whoah!! CHILLS!!!

?And if you want to find out about how retreats changed my life personally, check out my book

ReWilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty.

Lots of love,



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