ReWilding for Wellness

The SCIENTIFIC nuts and bolts of Holistic Psychology & ReWilding for Wellness

I teach these truths to kids, teens, adults, families, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, wellness practitioners, physicians, school teachers and administrators, athletic coaches, and more!

?These teachings are VITAL for everyone!

⚠️Warning: these truths may cause you to question everything you have been taught, because it’s all been an illusion!

1. Everything is energy. If you want to understand anything about being human or anything else for that matter, you must start here. Energy, Frequency, Vibration.

2. Everything that happens forms an energetic imprint within our beings. We make a choice about what if anything to do with this. You can direct and work with your own energy.

Intention + frequency =healing.

3. The mind and body are inextricably connected by a channel of communication between the two. But there is more information going to the brain from the body. So, the body must be engaged to heal.

4. Any dis-ease or illness that we experience represents an underlying energetic imbalance that creates nervous system disregulation, states of organ disfunction, and misfirings within the overall system. Resistance creates dis-ease.

5. The key to resolving dis-ease is to return the system to a state of ease by resolving the underlying imbalances using a combination of evidenced-based (aka proven) methods of restoring flow to a blocked system by releasing sequestered survival stress from the body. Removal of resistance.

6. This is the only way to truly address the root cause of issues. Any other method—be it talk therapy, CBT, mindset coaching, etc, only target surface-level symptoms. You cannot change your mind with your mind. You cannot talk out or out talk energetic imbalance and imprinted trauma.

7. Humans are naturally equipped with potent self-healing capacities that allow us to renew, restore, and recalibrate.

8. The mind requires training to be a follower not a leader. It involves returning to our essential state of “being.”

9. True change happens within not without.

10. All Suffering is self-created.

11. You are not your mind or your thoughts.

12. You are not your life circumstances.

13.  You are not your personality.

14. Neutrality and non-reactivity are essential practices to master.

15. Seeking happiness is shallow and futile; inner peace is the holy grail.

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❓How does all this work?

Ask me!

I’m here to teach you and show you the way—Not as some expert who read a lot of books, rather as a person who possesses embodied wisdom from having experienced all of this firsthand.

This wisdom isn’t mine to keep, it’s mine to share with all who are ready to accept it.

If you learn how your system works, you can make it work for you! And once you know, you know!

Learning these truths are the key to freeing yourself from a system that is trying to keep you enslaved. Become the self-healers that we are made to be. Discover the medicine inside of you. Discover the true leader within. Learn how to be a self-sustaining being in a world determined to keep you on a leash!! Now is the time!!!!

And so it is….

❓So who are the clients who have accepted the call to work with me?

Will post that tomorrow!

(Hint—it’s kids, teens, adults—regular people just like you and me!)

I hope you found this helpful. 



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