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Call of the Wild

Follow the adventures of my life odyssey as a modern-day medicine woman, holistic psychologist, sacred storyteller, wisdom keeper, hockey mom and wanna-be rock band singer/guitarist. Stay connected with kindred others and discover nuggets of spiritual inspiration for your own journey.

Growing up, Missy was my best friend. Missy was my writing journal. I shared all my secrets with Missy and trusted her implicitly. This blog is in honor of her, the power of journaling, and the joy of sharing our stories.

harmonious symphony

Harmonious Symphony

Harmonious Symphony… When we forget our roots as spiritual beings walking a human path, we tend to experience feelings of emptiness as

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It’s only a matter of time till one becomes exposed. Till the realization that we have been hiding behind self-created smoke and

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Awesome Rewild for Wellness class last night as we discussed Presence—what it really is vs. the hype that’s out there, and how

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Let’s Not Forget

This season, Let’s not forget…. Let’s not forget that sometimes the most “wonderful time of the year” doesn’t always feel that way.

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There was a time when…. I had been crying constantly. In contrast to the intense anxiety that I had experienced for all

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I was shamed and scorned for exposing the truth of my heart. Does my nakedness make you squirm? Does my unapologetic living

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Love and Acceptance

Along my ReWilding journey, I learned the true meaning of unconditional love and acceptance—The capacity to let people be who they are,

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Nobody warned me years ago when I first began my ReWilding journey that I would lose so much more than outdated and

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